What is the language of the event?
The event will be held in English.

Are there tickets I can buy for only ONE day?
All tickets for #SCB16 are valid for both Friday and Saturday. There are no one-day tickets available.

Can I get a refund for my ticket if I decide not to come after all?
There are no refunds for your ticket. You can, however, give your ticket to somebody else. If you want to do so, contact us with your ticket/ invoice number.

What is the dress code for the event?
It’s a startup event, so come as you are.

Am I allowed to take pictures at the event?
You are allowed to take pictures at the event. Thank you for using the Hashtag #SCB16.

Are the presentations of the keynotes and workshops afterwards available online?
We will not provide any presentations or handouts afterwards. If you are interested in receiving any, please contact the speakers directly at the event.

Can I bring drinks and food with me to the venue?
We will provide catering on both days of the conference. You can also bring your own. Please note, that alcohol is not allowed on the ground until 6 PM.

What things should I bring to get the most valuable camp experience?
An open mind, thirst for knowledge, business cards, phone charger, paper, pens, gum/ mints.