A little less hipness, a little bit more relevance, please: Starting the Right stuff

Audimax 8. April 2016 10:00 - 10:30

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Patrick Stähler

By PATRICK STÄHLER, Partner & Founder of fluidminds.

Berlin is the hub for hip startups. For fashion aficionados and pizza addicts startups cater every possible solution. From cheap clothes, curated shopping to design furniture, everything is covered by hip startups. Not once, but dozens times. Online food delivery seems the next battleground in the digital economy. Really? Or do we miss something in Germany? Where are the startups that are so relevant that we could not live without? Where are the startups that would leave its customers in great despair if they would disappear? Where are our Dropboxes, Amazon Web Services or Google Maps, that are the backbone of the global digital economy? Where are our startups that pay more than a decent salary to make a very good living for everybody in the firm? Where are the startups that bring Germany into the digital age also in smart devices aka hardware where it is traditionally strong?
Patrick will provoke you with his insights and he hopes to show you how you can build really relevant businesses that are also hip and that give longterm meaning to customers and employees.