Business Creation

Toolbox for Entrepreneur: Starting the Right Stuff. Be relevant. Not hip.

Room 1.608 8. April 2016 14:00 - 15:30

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Patrick Stähler


Nobody is waiting for you as an entrepreneur. NOBODY! Accept this inalienable truth. Still you should start your own business. Not any business, but the Right Business. However, what is the Right business? How do you get to the Right business? Patrick Stähler, the author of the most unusual book and toolbox for entrepreneurs of the year and inventor-by-chance of the business model innovation strategy concept shows you how you can do it.

Not your product idea is decisive but how well you as the entrepreneur solve for your customers a job or need. Only that counts, the true love you awake in your customers. As in any love relationship, you as entrepreneur have to live up to what you promise. Creating love and delivering what you proposed is the key to entrepreneurship.

In this workshop, Patrick will show you how you can develop an idea into a business model that your customers will love, that gives meaning to your team and is profitable. Besides the new boxes to think in, Patrick presents the participants a process with which they can design their entrepreneurial journey and find the Right stuff, that works for them.