Sascha Schubert, Deputy Chairman of the German Startups Association | LinkedIn
Email: Sascha.Schubert(a)

Sascha Schubert started three companies and two non-governmental organizations in his entrepreneurial life. Sascha serves as Deputy Chairman of the German Startups Association and is responsible for the realization of their events such as Exit Con, Growth Company Forum, Startup Camp Berlin, German Silicon Valley Week, German NYC Week and the CeBIT Scale 11. Sascha shared his insights and experiences as a mentor at Startup Bootcamp, IBM SmartCamp and Founders Institute.

Katharina Stevens, Event Manager of the German Startups Association | LinkedIn
Email: Katharina.Stevens(a)

Katharina graduated from a Dutch university in the field of tourism- and eventmanagement and conducted her bachelor thesis in cooperation with the German Startups Association in 2014. She now works as an event manager for the association and is responsible for the organization and execution of various startup conferences, networking events and trips to other startup hubs including e.g. NYC.

Nora Herzog, Event Manager of the German Startups Association | LinkedIn
Email: nora.herzog(a)

Nora is originally from Berlin but left after school to study Event Management and Public Relations in London. After working at the London Olympics and several other high profile events, Nora went abroad for a while. She came back to Berlin in 2015 and recently started working for the German Startups Association, where she is organizing the Startup Camp Berlin 2016.

Christian Tegge, Head of Operations | LinkedIn
Email: christian.tegge(a)

Christian Tegge has a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation and the entrepreneurial learning mechanism. He started his career in the military before studying Business Administration (B.A.) & Entrepreneurship (MBA). During his studies he got involved with the Berlin Startup ecosystem and works today as Head of Operations at the German Startup Association. He has already started and sold his own company and believes that entrepreneurial spirit is a key driver of economic growth and success.

Nina Kunert, Intern Eventmanagement, Berlin
Email: Nina.Kunert(a)

Nina, from Munich, completed her Bachelor in Business Administration and continued with her Masters at the University of Augsburg. She has worked at MTU and KUKA with a focus on Marketing and Events. Currently Nina is working as an intern at the German Startups Association. She is supporting the event team with the organization of various events.

Laura Flynn, Intern Eventmanagement, Berlin | LinkedIn
Email: Laura.Flynn(a)

Laura is a half german-american student from Berlin, studying Marketing-Communication at the design akademie berlin. After living abroad and absolving several internships at firms like Wimdu GmbH and GASAG AG, she is now an intern at the German Startup Association, where she supports the event management team.

Fabio Bacigalupo, Honorary Ambassador, Berlin | LinkedIn

Fabio (40) fulfilled his childhood dream to become an entrepreneur. He now is in his 11th year of operating the largest German podcast portals, and the accompanying podcast hosting services and podHost as a solo entrepreneur.
His newest product is the Android app podKatcher. Among his previous ventures were the web design company toastweb, the internet agency open haus and a VoIP web startup called Netzsprecher. Working in an honorary capacity he supports the German Startups e.V. in web related things. For young spirits he is always keen to give advice regarding monetization and SEO.