Focus Camps

15 Focus Camps offered exclusive insights, learnings and networking opportunities within particular industries and business areas.


Business Angel, curated by Alexander Kölpin
Learn how to become a successful Business Angel. Founders learn how the other side thinks.

Business Creation for Startups, curated by the German Startups Association
Learn how to start a startup.

Code, curated by Michael Bingel
Get the best insights into what hot new technologies, frameworks and systems are on the market.

Digital Health, curated by Min-Sung Sean Kim
Learn about how people can better track, manage and improve their health through digital means.

Female, curated by Stephanie Renda
Female entrepreneurs expand their network, exchange ideas and discuss how to get more females into the startup scene.

FinTech, curated by Susanne Krehl & Juliane Wolff
Startups using Software to provide financial services with the purpose of disrupting incumbent financial systems and corporations that rely less on software.

Fundraising, curated by Daniel Höpfner
Everything you need to know for bootstrapping your startup, finding investors and raising funds.

Green Startups, curated by Alexander Hain & Linda Bergset
Everything around green trends, ideas, products and technologies.

Growth, curated by Christian Tegge
Experienced entrepreneurs share their secrets on how they got big.

Hardware IoT, curated by Robin Tech
Learn about products, services and technologies that make up the Internet of Things.

HR, curated by the German Startups Association
Find guidance on Do’s and Don’t’s when it comes to managing people.

Legal, curated by Morrison Foerster
Industry specialists provide insights into every legal aspect you need to think of for your startup.

P.R., Marketing & Sales, curated by Gerald Hoff
Advice on how to market and sell your product or place your startup in the industry.

Social Entrepreneurship, curated by Sönke Burkert
Practical insights into companies that tackle social problems.

Young Founders, curated by Victor Rathke and Mario Patrick Schwery
Gain firsthand insight why you should start in your Twenties and get the best Advice for a young, first-time startup CEO.